San Francisco State University, Mashouf Wellness Center

Forell | Elsesser provided structural engineering services for this new 118,000 s.f. recreation and wellness center. The center includes two gymnasiums, weight and fitness spaces, an elevated jogging track, an indoor natatorium, and spaces for students to socialize.


Customized Solution

  • The shape of the building plan is highly irregular with three distinct wings on three primary axes.
  • Because of this irregular shape, the building was designed for earthquakes in three directions.
  • Tall open spaces with large floor openings required a creative seismic system design using buckling restrained braced frames (BRBF’s) strategically located throughout the perimeter walls.
  • One important window wall was desired to be free of any lateral bracing, so a portion of the building is designed as a strong-back allowing the architects to achieve their vision.

California State University, Monterey Bay, Academic III

Comprising four academic departments, a 200-seat screening room, and a new dean’s suite, this 49,000 square foot structure forms a collaborative center for students and faculty alike.
Customized Solution
  • The Design/Build approach promoted a cooperative environment between CSU and the members of the design/build team, increasing the team’s flexibility in the face of challenges encountered during the design process.
  • The use of a variety of building materials allowed for optimized spaces.  The first floor consists of steel framing with buckling-restrained brace frames at classrooms and concrete shear walls at the screening room, while the second floor is framed with light-gauge steel walls for greater freedom in laying out the rooms.
  • The building achieves LEED Silver, in part through the use of recycled steel and high-volume fly ash concrete mixes.