Klamath Ferry Boat Tenant Improvement

Forell | Elsesser provided structural engineering services for the renovation of this 1925 former passenger and vehicle ferry boat. The wood and steel framed boat will be the new headquarters for the Bay Area Council. The 40,000 sq. ft. project will include reinforcement of the roof structure for occupied loads, new circulation stairs, and selective removal of existing columns. The boat will be located in San Francisco adjacent to Pier 9, and open to the public.

Customized Solution

  • The entire structure of the boat was strengthened to support a new publicly accessible rooftop deck.
  • Careful coordination was done with Argonautics Marine Engineering to transfer the loads from the upper structure to the hull of the ship and incorporate the needed strengthening.
  • New circulation stairs and elevator were added to connect all levels of the boat to the new roof deck.
  • New restrooms and a small museum have been added to the rooftop deck area.

Cross-Laminated Timber as a Sustainable Building Material for Tight Budgets

Jacob Bourne, (September 8, 2021). Retrieved from  <https://www.thecarbonic.com/post/cross-laminated-timber-as-a-sustainable-building-material-for-tight-budgets>

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is an especially promising building design solution for its strength, its sustainability aspects, and its natural beauty in exposed surfaces such as the design team made possible at the new Millbrae Recreation Center.  Read more.