Christopher Wearing

Christopher is a licensed Engineer with experience in medical office buildings, hospitals, United States Navy and Air Force construction, commercial retail, and multi-family buildings. He has worked on many long-span and vibration-sensitive structures.

Christopher is passionate about providing structural solutions that bring architectural concepts to life. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in architectural engineering from Kansas State University.

In his free time, Christopher enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing, and playing recreational sports with his friends.

Professional Associations

  • Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC), Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI), Structural Engineers Institute (SEI)

Polytimi Kontothanasi

As a Structural Designer at Forell | Elsesser, Poly is deeply passionate about structural engineering and exploring innovative ideas to create seismically safe and sustainable communities. Growing up in Greece, a region prone to seismic activity, she possesses a unique perspective on the significance of not only focusing on new construction but also on preserving and retrofitting existing structures of historical and cultural importance.

Poly’s academic journey led her to pursue both her Undergraduate and Master’s degrees at UC Berkeley. There, she actively engaged in various student organizations, like the SEAONC Student Chapter, where she served as co-president.

When Poly is not working, she enjoys traveling, solving puzzles, and playing basketball.

Professional Associations

  • Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC)