Customized Solutions

The right solution to meet your needs

Our core business is to develop a design strategy that meets your goals. Many architects, contractors, and building owners think of Forell | Elsesser as the go-to structural engineering firm for large, complex, institutional projects because we have received many awards in this area from our peers. After all, Forell | Elsesser helped pioneer the use of base isolation in the United States. We are indeed very proud of our high-profile projects. However, you may be surprised to learn that the bulk of work done at Forell | Elsesser consists of buildings that aren’t quite as grandiose: commercial, higher education, laboratory, multi-family residential, and a variety of seismic retrofits of all sizes.

We believe in the concept of Customized Solutions for our clients. We design every structure to specifically suit the needs of the owner of that particular project. If an owner wishes to have a structure with higher-than-code seismic performance, we can provide a structural design using our advanced analysis techniques to meet the objectives. If a project is driven by initial construction cost alone, we can provide a cost-efficient, code-compliant structural design for that building. We fully understand that many projects will not get out of the ground without very strict budget restraint, and Forell | Elsesser has the experience and knowledge necessary to make budget-minded projects a reality.

Is the owner looking for an innovative way to increase structural and non-structural seismic performance? We can use our in-house Research and Development department to bring forward alternatives that can suit the needs of the project.

How can our state-of-the-art software help you? We can shave weeks off of the construction schedule, evaluate different structural systems with quicker erection time, deliver complete BIM models to the contractor for use in shop drawing production, and review all construction communication electronically to reduce turnaround time.

By communicating effectively with the architect, owner, and builder, Forell | Elsesser can develop the design strategy that is right for you. Providing Customized Solutions is the way we do business at Forell | Elsesser, and we are always thinking about the next innovation in design that will help the owner achieve their goals, whatever they may be.