Structural Designer

Tianlong Sun

As a Structural Designer at Forell | Elsesser, Tianlong applies his skills in structural analysis and design to improve the efficiency of engineering tools and building designs. Tianlong is passionate about solving challenges in creative and unique architectural designs to find a solution that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Previously, he has contributed to several studies in structural optimization and net-zero construction.

Tianlong received his Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and his Master’s degree from Stanford University. At Stanford, Tianlong was involved in the interdisciplinary building design project to collaborate with architects, engineers, and construction managers from different cultures. As an undergraduate at Purdue, Tianlong acquired large-scale structural engineering research experience in the Bowen Laboratory.

In his spare time, Tianlong likes exploring new recipes, writing, recording, and performing music in his band.



Tianlong Sun
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