Structural Designer

Nilanda Cai

As a Structural Designer, Nilanda works on a variety of projects including new buildings and retrofitting existing structures. Nilanda enjoys working with Forell/Elsesser’s team to broaden her understanding in design and analysis for various structure types. She wishes to develop innovative and unique designs, providing the most efficient solutions for the client and for society. Nilanda has a strong interest in architectural design, and she loves designing structural components that are architecturally appealing.

Nilanda received her Bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Master’s degree from Stanford University. As a graduate student, Nilanda enjoyed working on A/E/C design projects, collaborating with architects and construction managers to provide interdisciplinary project delivery. At school, she worked as an academic tutor and taught many structural analysis courses, which deepened her understanding of structural behavior and raised her interest in teaching and mentoring.

Outside the office, Nilanda likes to explore the city landscape and restaurants of the Bay Area. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and visiting museums. She also likes watching movies. She has watched more than 1000 movies and the number is still growing!



Nilanda Cai
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