Structural Designer

Jack Dinkelspiel

As a Structural Designer, Jack works to solve the challenges that the design and analysis of structures can present.  He focusses on maintaining the constructability of buildings while exploring new and intricate design methods.  Jack has an interest in the structural applications of architectural elements and the implementation of new and sustainable building materials.  As a member of the Forell/Elsesser team, he hopes to apply his knowledge and interests to lead small and large projects to success.

As a Bay Area native, Jack received his Bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University and his Master’s degree from UC Berkeley.  As a leader in the award winning Santa Clara University Tiny House Competition Team, Jack gained experience in the design and construction of off-the-grid buildings and in the field of sustainable engineering.  In his undergraduate studies, he also studied the applications and technical aspects of modular and panelized structural systems.

Outside of the office Jack enjoys hiking, skiing, and woodworking in his spare time.  He also enjoys music and exploring the many activities that the Bay Area as to offer.




Jack Dinkelspiel
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