Structural Engineer

Arthur Cao

As a Structural Engineer at Forell | Elsesser, Arthur leverages his skills in structural design and analysis to improve the reliability of our built environment. He has contributed to a diverse set of public and private projects in both seismically active and hurricane-prone areas. Arthur is passionate about learning and applying advanced analysis techniques to accurately capture structural response in extreme events.

Arthur has led several international multidisciplinary teams in design competitions and enjoys collaborating with architects to bring their visions to reality. His interest in computational analysis methods and earthquake engineering dates back to his undergraduate studies when he served as the captain of the Rice University Seismic Design Team and researched on the seismic risk evaluation of nuclear waste storage casks. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Rice University and his Master’s degree from Stanford University.

Outside of work, Arthur enjoys experimenting with new recipes, going on road trips, and making tea with friends.

Professional Associations

  • Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC)