How do you bring new life to an outdated lab building?
How do you bring new life to an outdated lab building?

LBNL Building 6 Advanced Light Source Seismic Upgrade

ALS is a national research user facility that operates 24/7.  The construction work performed for this project was phased and each phase was coordinated with scheduled maintenance shutdowns.
Customized Solution
  • Forell | Elsesser provided structural engineering services for the seismic upgrade of Building 6, which included the seismic repair of the Advanced Light Source (ALS) dome structure, as well as the strengthening of the existing columns, diagonal braces, new columns, foundation repair, and base isolation of the polar crane apparatus.
  • The retrofit design employed Performance-Based Design principals using nonlinear response history analysis to verify the seismic performance of the structure.  In addition to leading the analysis, selected and scaled the ground motion records were used for the computer simulations.

Justice/Civic/Governmental, Science & Technology

  • Owner: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) / Department of Energy
  • Forell/Elsesser as prime consultant
  • Non-linear response history analisys