Red Bay Coffee
How do you create a gathering space for coffee lovers in a dense urban area using a recycled shipping container?

Forell Elsesser provided structural engineering services for a single modified shipping container that houses a unique coffee bar.

Customized Solution

  • This eye-catching 25-foot repurposed container coffee bar in the courtyard of one of Uptown Oakland’s trendiest areas provides the perfect format for Red Bay Coffee to serve their loyal patrons as well as attract new customers.
  • The container was delivered pre-manufactured to the site outfitted with piping and internal wiring, ready to connect to site utilities.  The product was pre-engineered prior to delivery with openings to create windows and doors that service the needs of the retail space.
  • The foundation design consists of shallow spread-footings with pedestals.


  • Architect: UrbanBloc (Design Container Procurement)
  • Owner: Red Bay Coffee
  • Location:Oakland, California
  • Modular Containers
Red Bay Coffee


Red Bay Coffee

Paul Rodler

Senior Principal