Cupertino Civic Center & Library
How do you create something unique and expressive while keeping costs down?

These two connected buildings, each with their own cost-efficient and expressive roofing systems, came in under budget and on-schedule.

Customized Solution

  • The structure has two connected wings: a one-story Community Hall with City Council chambers and a new 2-story Public Library. One of the main design requests was for each building to have its own unique roofing system. Forell | Elsesser developed simple, appropriate, low-cost framing concepts, resulting in exposed structural elements throughout the structure.
  • With a specific request for exposed wood framing in the Community Hall wing, the project team worked to find a way to ensure support with a large roof span. To solve the problem, they used steel elements that added strength while maintaining the beauty of the exposed wood framing.
  • Construction bids for this project were below budget, thus allowing the owner to buy all of the desired add-alternates, including a large fish aquarium. The simplicity of the design also kept the project on schedule.


  • Architect: Perkins + Will
  • Owner: City of Cupertino
  • The Library uses steel bracing, exposed steel trusses, and brick cladding. The Community Hall is steel framed with a wood roof and masonry walls. A precast concrete colonnade structure connects the two buildings.
  • Construction bids were below the budget, and all of the desired add-alternates, including a fish aquarium, were made possible.
Cupertino Civic Center & Library


Cupertino Civic Center & Library

Allen Nudel

Director of Business Strategy