Plan Checking Services

Choose us for efficient Plan Checking and vast expertise

We provide a wide array of plan checking services for many clients including the Division of State Architect (DSA), Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), private schools, and city jurisdictions. Because we have the ability to review virtually any structural system and all construction material types, Forell | Elsesser has the versatility, technical knowledge, and the people skills to streamline the plan check process and make everyone more successful.

With a long-standing history of providing third party plan check services for OSHPD, Forell | Elsesser has the knowledge and expertise necessary to perform a Plan Check quickly and efficiently. Working with a proven ability to complete the plan check on time and on budget, Forell | Elsesser utilizes extensive experience in healthcare design to create a collaborative environment between project designers and OSHPD staff. Our unique knowledge of special structural systems and high-end analysis approaches allow for the Plan Check of virtually any type of structural system used in hospital construction. In August 2011, Forell was ranked #1 out of 20 structural engineering firms by OSHPD for their new as-needed structural plan checking contract.

Forell | Elsesser also has an as-needed plan check contract in place with the Oakland and Sacramento DSA offices. We have reviewed many school projects in the area and we are active participants in making schools safer and within the project budget.