SFMTA Chinatown-Ros Pak Station Wins 2024 SEAONC SEE Award!

Forell Elsesser is thrilled to announce that Chinatown-Rose Pak Station has won a 2024 SEAONC Award! Congratulations to all of our partners who played a role in making this monumental project for San Francisco a success.

About this Project:
San Francisco’s Chinatown has long struggled with limited public transportation options, despite being one of the city’s most densely populated neighborhoods. The Central Subway extension is a much-needed development that brings improved connectivity and convenience to its residents, who have the lowest median household income in San Francisco, according to US Census data. This project highlights the role of structural engineering in enhancing the quality of life for local communities and attracting visitors by expanding the city’s underground transit network to seamlessly connect Chinatown to other parts of San Francisco.

One of the key engineering challenges was the deep excavation required to accommodate the extension. This was due to the existing BART and Muni lines crossing at Market Street, which necessitated that the new tracks be laid even lower, and the surface’s upward slope as Stockton Street heads north. To address these constraints, Forell Elsesser integrated the temporary soil retention system into the permanent slurry walls, requiring intricate coordination with the design and construction teams. The construction sequence for Staged Construction Analysis was carefully planned to meet the unique demands of deep excavation and tunneling, ensuring safety and efficiency.

These complex engineering tasks not only facilitated a more efficient construction process but also enhanced the overall user experience by creating a spacious and accessible station. The Central Subway extension into Chinatown demonstrates how innovative engineering can overcome logistical and architectural challenges to bring transformative benefits to a historically underserved community.